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Detailed Health Intake


(Or $295 for Full Intake with a Written Iridology Analysis)

(Two 45 Min Sessions)

Self-Led Reset

30/60/90 Days


Base Price Per Month

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Price depends on protocol

Customized Protocol

Herbs & Nutrient-Dense Foods

30-Day Meal Plan

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Group Programs

4 Months


Base Price Per Month

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*Plus cost of customized herbs & tools

Weekly - 45 min Sessions w/

Ilsa & Group

Customized Protocol

Herbs & Nutrient-Dense Foods

30-Day Meal Plan

Email Support

Bi-Weekly Q&A

Facebook Support Group

Accountability Partner

Guided Regenerative Transformation

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Price Based on Protocol & Support

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*Plus cost of customized herbs & tools

Weekly- 30-60 min Sessions w/ Ilsa

Customized Protocol

Iridology Analysis 

Unlimited Access to Ilsa's Recipe & Meal Plan Bundle!

($800+ of recipes, meal plans, & educational resources)

Email, Text, & Phone Support

Bi-Weekly Q&A

Facebook Support Group

A La Carte

For The Curious.

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'Quick Look' Iridology Analysis

Quick Overview of the Iris

 Quick Protocol Suggestions

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Verbal Or Written Analysis

Detailed Analysis of the Iris

Recorded Video Explanation OR Written Report w/ Iris Pictures

Full Customized Protocol

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Facial Mapping

Facial Mapping Analysis

Tongue Analysis

Quick Protocol Suggestions

What is Iridology?

Iridology is one of the most fascinating tools to determine

overall health.


The eyes are a map of the different systems in the body.


The iris is connected to 28,000 nerve endings inside your body and becomes a personalized map to the health of your internal gland and organ systems.

Your iris shows your lymphatic system, reproductive system, endocrine system, nervous system, brain health, muscular-skeletal system, and the different organ systems of the body. 

It is also a science and practice that reveals inflammation, where it's located, and at what stage it is manifesting.

Iridology is not a science that allows us to diagnose conditions, however, but to observe the current state of health in a body.

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What Can Iridology Tell You?

• Genetic Constitution

• Genetic Iris Color

• Inherently Weak Glands, Organs, and Tissue Health

• Level of Gut Health and Nutrient Assimilation

• Health of the Nervous System

• Current State of Lymphatic Health

• Presence & Location of Chemical Deposits

• Skin Health

• Health of Eliminative Functions

• Health of Sinuses & Cerebral Function

• G.I. Tract & Colon Health

• Prolapsed Organs in the Transverse Colon

• Toxic Accumulation of Metabolic Waste

• Kidney Congestion

• Oxygen Levels in the Tissue (good or low)

• Systemic Acidosis/overall body chemistry

• Potential for Parasites

• Lung health

• & More!

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