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My Story

I have always had a deep desire to help others heal and looked to nature first for solutions.


I grew up on natural medicine, homeopathy, and holistic-style preventative health care. My mother was one of my main inspirations, she's a nurse mid-wife and taught me an abundance about the natural gifts the earth has to offer us.


Through my journeys and struggles I fell into a toxic lifestyle; I struggled with anxiety, hormonal imbalances, addiction, insomnia, and my own self worth for many years. However, some good timing and my unshakeable desire to live a better life won out, and I got the support I needed.


I found my healing path through movement first. I became an aerial dancer and started teaching and performing professionally. After a few years of running my own aerial dance and fitness business I dove into the world of life coaching, holistic nutrition, and mindset work.


I discovered regenerative health when I began experiencing chronic joint pain, I had calcifications on both of my hips and my doctor told me I most likely was going to need a hip replacement within the next couple years. I could barely sleep at night and I knew I had to take action. I tried so many different alternative modalities, treatment, and tools. I completely shifted my diet but nothing gave me real lasting relief. A dear friend of mine shared what she knew about a 30 day regenerative body reset, and I was pretty skeptical but also desperate so I decided to give it a try.

After 30 days on a superfood reset protocol my joint pain had drastically improved and by the end of 90 days it had vanished! I couldn't believe it after everything I'd done, and that was just the one of the many benefits I experienced.

All of a sudden I was sleeping deeply, my energy levels and hormones balanced out. Previously I had experienced anxiety, mood swings, uncontrollable cravings, bloating, and period pain that would drop me to the floor. After my protocol my cramps were gone, my cycle became regular and very light, and my other PMS symptoms were barely noticeable if not completely gone! I was no longer a slave to caffeine (a 17 year old habit), I lost the belly pooch that had been hanging on for over 10 years, I have a waist for the first time ever! I gained lean muscle and endurance, my stress levels went down, and the cravings and mental angst that I had been experiencing simply dropped away.

Part of my ongoing process of "doing the work" is to prepare my body for conception and childbirth, this is my next step in my personal life. I want to give my kids the most healthy foundation possible and to clear out my old lymphatic waste so I don't pass it on. I'm regenerating my own body on a cellular level so the chances of passing on genetic weaknesses is drastically reduced.

This journey has been transforming on so many levels. I feel like a whole new person, my body now feels like my home.

I'm so grateful for the work that I do. Purpose is a word I've danced with throughout my life but I've never felt so aligned until I started guiding others on their own regenerative transformations to heal inside and out, and part of this passion is illuminating the power of regenerative health and mother nature's secrets.


My story only brushes the surface of the incredible successes of my clients and so many others who have chosen this route of healing.

If you'd like to learn more about how you could transform your body and your experience of life reach out to me for a regenerative discovery session now.

"Every moment is a fresh beginning"

-T.S. Eliot

"Our cells think what our self thinks, and our self thinks is

what our cells think"

"Life is a gift, let's do everything we can to enjoy the present moment"


Transformation: a metamorphosis, a shift in consciousness or perception. An awakening into a new possibility, a rebirth.

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