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Iridology is the study of the iris and what it tells us about our current state of health. 

The iris is connected to 28,000 neurons that communicate with all our organs, glands, and systems. By looking at the iris up close I can see so much about the current state of health including but not limited to, tissue weakness, organ/gland weakness, levels of lymphatic stagnation and congestion in the tissues, levels of deterioration in different areas of the body, and more! 

Even if you're not interested in a regenerative health journey I offer iridology reports to anyone who may want to deepen their understanding of their current state of health and what's going on in their body.

An iridology report is a detailed report of what I see in the eye. 

Verbal report - $50

Written mark up of the eye with a detailed description of which areas of the body need the most support and a customized protocol - $150

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The intake session is where we will go over your full intake form discussing your health goals and the symptoms or conditions you're experiencing. We will cover all the details of what your customized protocol and regenerative journey may look like. Iris photos will be submitted before so we can discuss what I've found and I can create your customized protocol.

You will get a follow up video after your intake on how to test to see if your kidneys are filtering and to educate you on the principals of regenerative health and why we do things the way we do, everything is based in science.

(*Full iridology report is included in intake price) 

Intake Session - $250

Protocol Session - $150 (protocol sessions are usually biweekly or once a month after you begin your customized protocol, they may take less than an hour)

 the body has an innate wisdom beyond any book or authority.

Orange Blossom

30/60/90 DAY


This is the simplest and easiest way I've found to make radical improvements with your health without having to go into deep detox or make that many changes. This protocol is designed around some of the top 1% of nutrient dense foods on earth! They're beyond organic and triple tested for contaminants.

Many modern health challenges and ailments are caused by things out of our control, such as pesticides, parasites and other consequences of an overly processed and contaminated food supply and environment. In order to fully recover from these issues, and support our health and immunity on all levels, it is important to go to the root cause and transform our relationships with our body, and our world.

This simple, powerful and convenient 30/60/90 day protocol was created with the philosophy that by nourishing the body on a daily basis, gently removing toxins, and supporting gut health and nutrient assimilation we can regenerate on a cellular level and return to our natural state of balance and vitality.

This is a very gentle protocol and it's revolutionized the way I can work with my clients because it makes the diet changes tangible and doable. When you begin flooding the body with high quality nutrients those unhealthy cravings start dropping away naturally.

When we upgrade the quality of what we are putting in our bodies every day beautiful things begin to happen.

For more information click below: 


"Impossible is just an opinion..."

-Paulo Coelho



A 90 day program to restore your reproductive and endocrine system health, prepping the body and mind to function at their highest cellular level, and to support a blissful baby experience from conception to birth


This program is designed for women or couples who -

  • Are struggling to conceive, 

  • Have been told they are "infertile" or experiencing "unexplained infertility"

  • Are looking to clean out their bodies to promote a smooth conception and pregnancy, and to cultivate the healthiest foundation possible for your baby to come into.

  • Don’t want to pass genetic weaknesses on to their babies

You will not want to be trying to conceive during this course because we will be moving cellular wastes out of the body the whole time and we don't want to be passing those on to our baby.


This program is designed to restore and rejuvenate the reproductive and endocrine system, to remove glyphosate and other toxins and wastes, strengthen your cells and dna, and to soothe the nervous system. 


You will be given the tools to prep the body and mind to function at their highest cellular level and to support a blissful baby experience from conception to birth.


'Fertile Foundations' will include:

  • The 90 day Regenerative Fertility Protocol (Superfoods & tinctures

  • 12 One-on-One Transformational Coaching Sessions (To help you rewire the brain and move through fear or limiting beliefs)

  • Maya Abdominal Therapy Massage Sessions (To encourage proper uterus alignment)

  • Meditations & Visualization Sessions - (To bring the subconscious on board)

  • Stress Management & Self-Care System (To support nervous system regulation)


I work with highly committed women and couples that are ready to take action to restore their reproductive health and build a nourishing temple for their baby to come into.

"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners"

-William Shakespeare

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This program is a 90 day journey is for people who are ready to step into an elevated version of themselves, and make the lifestyle changes they need to release what's no longer serving them.

If you're looking to shine your brightest in mind and body; to physically clean out your body "house" so your cells, organs, and glands can function at their highest ability; to help rejuvenate the gut-brain connection, nurture your nervous system, and restore the adrenals so those unhealthy cravings start dropping away; to double your energy, to deepen your connection to your creativity and your driving force. This program will support you to step into your power at a cellular level and unleash your most vibrant self. If this speaks to you then 'Thrive - Your Body, Your Home' may be the perfect program for you.

You will get:

- 3 Months of micronutrient, herbal, and full nutritional support

- (1) Weekly 60-90 Min 1-on-1 coaching session with me

-(1) Weekly 45 min soul spark class (recorded if you're unavailable to attend)

-(2) Weekly videos with instructions for your soul work assignments (These assignments are short and easy)

-(1) Opt. Weekly group Q&A for any mind, body, spirit, or health questions during the program

-(2) Opt. Deep dive (2 hrs) into a rewiring the brain transformational coaching journey (Designed to help release blocks and trauma that may be holding us back from getting what we want)

- Detox handbook

This program is tailored for those that are ready to liberate themselves from things that are no longer serving them or that are not truly aligned with their soul's journey.

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